Monday, July 6, 2015

Famous Actress Christina Hendricks Measurements Bra Size

We may not be strange anymore with Christina Rene Hendricks whose well known name Christina Hendricks, Mad Men actress star. She was born in May 3, 1975, her career starts from the children musical theater continued to the model then finally she became one of the talented actresses in the US. She has stared many films such as

Christina, we call her, is recently talked by many people dealing with her body curve, boob size. They argued in calculating Christina Hendricks bra size. Because of her cup size is not like natural then some of us may think that she took a boob job. Dr. Michael Salzhauer as Miami cosmetic doctor has his own appraisal for her huge cup. He assumed that she has breast implants, so she needs to design her bra for comfortable dress.

Well, after getting some data, we can make measurements, based on our calculation, that Christina Hendricks bra size is roughly 38DDD. Even though we found one data that revealed that Christina Hendricks bra size is 36DD but we took 38DDD as the closest number for her bra size. Although it is not absolutely correct but we believe that she will need bra which size roughly 38DDD for her comfortable performance.

Honestly, we would not debate what her bra size is and whether she has implants or not, but it would be better to look what she has achieved in her career. That would be great and wise appraisal.

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